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In October 4, 2016, in the framework of international sharing program, colloquium "Cooperation for pastors and psychologists in prevention of suicides in prisons" has been held. The event was initiated by Prison Pastoral Care of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. It was attended by chaplains Ainars Vanags, Gaitis Dubults from Latvia and members of the master's program of the Institute of Penal Service of the Department of Applied Psychology. The moderators were Tamara Kushnirova, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor and Fr. Constantine Panteley, Head of The UGCC Office for Pastoral Care in Penitentiary System of Ukraine.


International event in Kyiv will be held.

Pastoral Council of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine
in partnership with
the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine
and the Institute of Penal Service

invites you to participate

in the International Scientific Conference
"Present and perspectives of prison pastoral care"

Topics for discussion:
- Legal perspective of prison pastoral care
- Issues of pastoral practice applicable to prison regime
- Principles of prison chaplaincy in a multi-confessional environment
- Spiritual needs of prison staff, the Christian approaches to formation of personnel of prison service.
List of issues is open for additional topics and thoughts.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and Polish.

·         The conference will be held on April 13, 2016 at the Institute of Penal Service, Kyiv, Collectorna Str. 4.
Registration of participants starts at 9.00.

·         On April 14, members of Pastoral Council will discuss the fruits of the Conference with the administration of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine and representatives of the Committee of Supreme Council of Ukraine on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement.

To participate in the conference authors are requested to submit electronically:
1) the abstracts;
2) the application;
+38 (096) 953-44- 24 Yulia Matveeva O.

  +38 (097) 277-19-24 Konopatska Olga


The Penitentiary Association of Ukraine has been established in Kyiv.

The Penitentiary Association of Ukraine has been established in Kyiv on 17 December 2015. The Constituent Assembly has taken place at the National Academy of Internal Affairs. This newly founded NGO unites practitioners and theorists of penitentiary-related issues.  Representatives of public and religious organisations, as well as professionals of law, criminology, psychology, education, social work, defenders of human rights of prisoners and prison service personnel are the members of the PAU.  Chaplains have welcomed from the true heart this event. Fr. Constantin Panteley has represented the Pastoral Council of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine at the Constituent Assembly.